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Greetings from Naveen Cabral, the Primary music teacher for Grades 4 and 5. I have also been assigned the responsibility of a Performance Co-ordinator in the Primary, under which I do run the Primary Musical and the Festival of Choirs. I am very excited to be entering my 13th year in teaching, 11 of which have been with the best of PYP schools. I play the guitar, recorder, keyboard/piano, xylophones and a few other instruments but my forte lies in singing. In addition to my strong PYP experience, I recently completed my Grade 8 Vocals in Trinity - Rock and Pop. I have also completed various other music certifications through the Trinity College of Music. I have been trained by quite a few professionals in different instruments and musical technique. In addition to the Music Together certification that I have, I have attended quite a few IB workshops (PYP). I do perform as a musician in my spare time, as a vent to my outburst of passion and love for music.

I believe my education and degree in my career has mainly been my teaching experience, which has helped me acquire the best from my students as we worked together to create great music and events. My aim will always be to help the students acquire musical skills and knowledge that will help them improve as an overall personality towards a better future for our world.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Music Site - Made by a Grade 5 student

Sohum Khandelwal has made this website (pasted below) right from scratch and he has been successful in putting in an octave range notes for a few instruments, and a few rhythm sounds. Go try it out please. Way to go boy!


Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Choir Performances - December 2017

1) Festival of Choirs - December 6th (9 am to 10.30 am) 

This event has few other schools participating like JNIS, Ascend, ASB and our JVLR campus students. 

2) Performance at Oberoi Mall (15th of December at 4 pm)

We are very excited to announce our next performance at Oberoi Mall, in the lobby. 

3) Performance for the Primary Students - 
(20th of December in the Auditorium)

We will have performances for our primary students at the following times in the auditorium. 

10 am - For students from SKG through Grade 2

11 am - For students from Grade 3 through 5

An exciting month packed with performances for the choir and the Primary Music Department. 

Monday, 25 September 2017

End of class performances - Beatboxing!

One of our Grade 5 students - Aaryan, decides to exhibit his beatboxing skills in class. He is producing a pitched sound, as well as percussion sounds together at the same time. Cool ain't it!!

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Song Activity - Grade 4

In music class, we are in our first Unit – Melody and Vocal Exploration. As we continue to explore about how we use our voices as a medium to express ourselves, we are also trying to understand more about songs that were carried across generations by our ancestors, with the use of their voices. Here is an assignment that we would want the students to complete. The students are each requested to email me a song sung by any of their acquaintances/friends/relatives. Some of the points to be borne in mind about this song are listed below:- • The song could be sung by anyone but the student • The song has to be at least fifty years old and can be in any language. If in another language, a small write-up/explanation on what the song is communicating, would help. • The song needs to be emailed to me @ Naveen.cabral@oberoi-is.org • In the subject, kindly type “Song Activity – Grade 4” • Please email these songs before 13th September’17 • Please attach the song and do not share it from the drive account. • The format for saving the audio/video file should be ClassSectionStudentfullname For eg. A student Aariv from 4D would send the file as 4DAarivMakhijani.*** If a student for any reason cannot complete the above assignment, that is absolutely fine as we could share and work together on other assignments that are submitted.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Composer Of The Month!

Music composers have created some of the most outstanding works known to us and we have cherished those pieces, some even for a more than a 100 years now. But how many of us actually do know these composers or even their names! I have decided to introduce an activity called "Composer of the month" wherein I will put up a few facts about a composer in the music room and the students need to find out WHO the composer is. They can drop in a chit with their name, class and name of the composer, in a small basket kept in the room. At the end of the month we will look up to find out which class has managed to get most correct answers. This class will be featured in the next month as we will give away the name of the last composer put up, and then have details of another composer put up for the students to find out!